Director: Andrea Pacheco González +

Coordination: Ana Lozano Sinausía +

Other collaborators: Abdiel Segarra Ríos +


Babelia, El País newspaper, 2018

Artishock magazine, 2017

Exit Express, 2017

Artishock magazine, 2017

AC/E website, 2017

ABC newspaper, 2014

Metrópolis programme, RTVE, 2012

ABC newspaper, 2012

El Cultural, El Mundo newspaper, 2011

Felipa Manuela is a non-profit Cultural Association, benefited with the grants to independent spaces of contemporary creation 2018-2019 of the City of Madrid with an amount of 57,098.91 euros. BOAM No. 8319 (01/21/2019). Government Area Culture and Sports.