by Andrea Pacheco, FelipaManuela director.

These past years, we’ve embraced the idea of presenting a publication that holds the landscapes, architectures and geographies we have traveled in a journey that began seven years ago, inside a small fat in Madrid. FelipaManuela started in 2011 with a similar spirit to that first excursion one takes as a twenty-year-old, without one’s parents. A rite of passage. A journey where the itinerary is written each morning, with courage and faith. Te act itself wasn’t heroic, there wasn’t much to lose. We were completely outside of the official circuit. Women, "sudacas", mothers, invisible bodies for the local art system. The city was shaken by a crisis that ended decades of prosperity. It was only then, in what hitherto seemed like an impenetrable mountain, that a crack allowed us to enter. Such is the ambivalent nature of tragedy: while some fall, others rise.

Between 2011 and 2017, almost thirty people passed through FelipaManuela –artists, curators and art educators–, mostly women and mostly born in Latin America. What we offered them was a residency. Residency: the act of residing. From the latin residere, which means “to stay”, “to remain”, coming itself from the word sedere, which refers in its most primary sense to the act of sitting (...) A residency as a space of resistance, once again, without heroism. We must be honest with this: sometimes, projects come up with a spontaneous vocation, bathed in a singular spirit, they seem like living entities that guide those of us who are driving, through paths we do not even know how to name. FelipaManuela was born with that delicious and unconscious vertigo and continues today, seven years later, planted in what we could call a fertile uncertainty.

Full text in the publication LIBRO 2017.

LIBRO 2017

Is a yearbook that summarizes the activity of FelipaManuela through a group of images and texts of residents in 2017 that reflect on curatorial practice, networking, field research, together with the generous collaboration of various agents art of the city of Madrid.

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Citas Suculentas

Is a fanzine created by the artist George Hutton in May 2018 in the context of the Curatorial Research Program FelipaManuela AC / E, in collaboration with the R & D group "The incorporation of the university artistic communities to the narrations of modernity and the present" of the Complutense University of Madrid and the Library of the Fine Arts Faculty of the same university.

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